Facebook Chat Bots

The Ultimate Form of Direct Response Digital Marketing

ManyChat Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger bots have completely revolutionized the direct-response digital marketing world. This platform directly integrates with the Facebook business profile and ads manager. Once entered into the bot, it can bring the customer on a variety of different journeys, or sequences, that result in a number of different outcomes. This versatile platform is best used for:

  • E-commerce Sales and Discounts
  • Customer Service
  • Tracking Amazon Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Contests
  • Collecting Reviews

How does it work?

Used in conjunction with our Facebook Ad services, ManyChat can be the ultimate tool your business needs to automate customer service, build the email lists, and ultimately generate a ton of new sales and customers!

This is an add-on product for our Social Media Marketing services, specifically with Facebook Advertising. Please contact us for pricing and packages!

Deliver Coupons


Product Announcements/Broadcasts


Collect Email Addresses


Track Metrics & Analytics

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