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Website Design

A website is perhaps one of the most important assets to a company. From the layout to images and content, it is a crucial component in the success of a business. Volt Digital will create a website with user-friendly designs that are meant to convert prospects into customers.

We work directly with clients to make sure that we have a firm grip on your desired design and site. Our web design team is more than happy to consult clients and lead them in the right direction.


Mobile Responsive Websites

Make sure your website is up to date and fully mobile responsive. Mobile phone usage is at an all time high, so it is important that your website supports a responsive altered design.

Our design team makes sure that every website has a mobile friendly backing to it. Without a responsive design, potential customers could pass right by your website due to it being outdated. We ensure that all websites are created with lead generation in mind.

Hosting Set-Up

We will take care of all your set-up needs necessary for publishing a live website. These duties include choosing the right host, integrating your domain name with the host, setting up email for your domain, and anything else that may need integrating.

In addition, we provide e-commerce set-up services to make order processing and easy, stress-free task!

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