About Cuba Bicycle Tours

Cuba Bicycle Tours is a branch company for a summer-based mountain bike tour company in Boulder, Co. We have been working with Boulder Bike Tours for about 11 months now, and we took the reign of marketing/launching the new Cuba Tour branch for the Winter 2019 season.

This was a launch from start to finish, essentially. We built the website, ran all of Facebook ads, wrote & designed all email sequences, set up a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot, and streamlined all lead delivery.

Our Approach

This cost of this bike tour is $2,495, a high-ticket price point in the world of social media marketing. With that in mind, we needed to first find our ideal audience. We began by running Facebook Lead Ads and setting up a 3-part email sequence campaign to deliver the information they requested. After weeks of collecting data and pulling insights, we had a rock-solid lead ad campaign that was collecting about 10 leads every single day. 100% automated!

Next, we began to retarget anybody who has been to the website or interacted with the Facebook ads in any way. This was the first step we took in terms of retargeting campaigns. Instead of opting in to learn more information, we ran Conversion campaigns that sent traffic to the FAQ page. These ads yielded incredible results! We were seeing tons of engagement and results.

The next tier of retargeting Conversion campaigns had the ‘Book Now’ call to action. We set up a FB Pixel custom conversion event for Initiate Checkout and placed the Pixel on the websites booking page. This is where we started to see people start reserving spots on the tours!

We kept running and iterating these ads until every single tour date was all filled up. In addition, we kept the Lead Generation ad running throughout this entire duration.



Number of Leads: 836
Cost Per Lead: $1.48

Number of Bookings Generated from Facebook Ads: 17
Total Revenue Generated: $42,415

Total ROI = ROI: $38,536

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