About RHJ Visuals

RHJ Visuals is a professional photography company that reached out to us because they wanted to increase the number of wedding photoshoot jobs this summer. They had no social media marketing strategy set in place and needed help generating leads for potential wedding jobs.

Our Approach

There are 2 overlying themes that played a huge part in the success of this campaign: Time is the only inventory for wedding photographers, and commitment & consistency is one of the strongest forms of psychological persuasion

With these two things in mind, we were able to come up with an absolutely bulletproof plan.

RHJ Visuals agreed to give free engagement photoshoots to 3 lucky winners as the contest prize.

Volt Digital Co. built out the entire campaign, including a custom landing page design. We explained to RHJ Visuals that if somebody uses them for an engagement photoshoot, then they will more than likely maintain consistency and hire RHJ for their wedding shots as well. While engagement photoshoots cost around $150/hr., wedding jobs average out at $2,600 per wedding. The contest prize included a free 1-hour engagement shoot at one location with one outfit.

We ran the Facebook ad to the landing page and then gave them the option to skip the contest and plan their engagement shoot for 50% off right on the Thank You page using a Calendly link.

In addition, we created 2 automated follow-up emails and one follow-up SMS message. Both included the Calendly link to set up their engagement photoshoot at 50% off.



The landing page successfully captured 87 leads at a 42% conversion rate.

RHJ Visuals received 11 Calendly appointments for people setting up their engagement shoot, and 9 of them went through with it. We chose the 3 winners and performed all 3 photoshoots.

Out of the 9 engagement photoshoots, 6 of them hired RHJ Visuals for their weddings, and only 1 of them was a contest winner!

In total, the client only spent $300 in ad spend for this campaign, and he ended up with around $16,000 in revenue!

Total ROI (not including our retainer fee) = $15,600!

This customer was great to work with because they listened to our professional advice and let us implement our own strategy. They trusted Volt Digital Co. and they got the results they were looking for. RHJ Visuals liquidated 9 hours of their time in order to generate $16,000 worth of revenue!

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